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About Us


This is how our one-of-a-kind car seat cover was born. 

Picture the scene. It’s Winter 2020, another muddy morning on the sports field and another dirty, sweaty child needing a post match ride home. Pretty much standard weekend routine for anyone with a child playing in a sports team.

As I, and all the other parents looked to find something for our kids to sit on to stop our car seats from being wrecked, the idea came to me. We needed an easy to fit/packaway, water resistant cover that not only protected the seat but also the floor.

Like a giant, dirt catching bag...... BODYBAG was born. 

It seemed obvious but no-one else was doing it. Yes, you could buy seat covers. Yes you could buy floor mats but these were awkward to use and didn’t catch all the dirt and debris. 

After lots of research and development we ended up with our signature product, the BODYBAG car seat cover. Well designed and made with quality materials, BODYBAG covers your vehicle’s seat and floor and protects it from mud, sweat, liquid, sand, pretty much anything really. Attach it in seconds and when you’re done, just roll it up into its own bag and keep it in the glovebox for next time. 

We also designed the BOOTYROLL car boot liners. Made with the same high-quality materials to keep your boot as clean as your seats. Roll it out when you need it, pack it away when you don’t. BOOTYROLL can also be used as ground protection for picnics etc.